Where are We in February?

This photo was sent to us by a Cook County News-Herald reader. Do you know where she spotted this abandoned car?

This photo was sent to us by a Cook County News-Herald reader. Do you know where she spotted this abandoned car?

Take a look at the February photo, which was submitted to us by a News-Herald reader. If you think you know where she was when she took the picture of the abandoned, snow-covered car, send us your answer. The location will be announced next month and a winner will be drawn from all the correct answers. Whoever is drawn will win a free one-year subscription to the Cook County News-Herald (a $30 value). Good luck!

Our January WHERE ARE WE? photo was taken from the dock in Chicago Bay in Hovland. Several people responded that the collapsed fish house in the picture once belonged to Helmer Aakvik. Drawn from all the correct entries was David Stemp of Chatfield, MN and Hovland.
Congratulations to David, he wins a one-year subscription!
Answer to the February WHERE ARE WE? must be received by March 10, 2014.

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I’m Rhonda Silence, the editor of the Cook County News-Herald. All my life I have strived to become more organized. So, imagine my surprise when I moved back to my hometown of Grand Marais, Minnesota and received my first property tax statement. The tax statement declared that I live in Unorganized Territory! In fact, the part of Cook County, Minnesota where I spent the majority of my childhood was also Unorganized Territory. Finally! An explanation of my disorganized life. When I became editor of the Cook County News-Herald in Grand Marais, I was privileged to write a weekly column. What to title it? Of course–Unorganized Territory. This blog shares my weekly thoughts—sometimes it is about Cook County politics and occasionally national issues. Sometimes it’s about the history of Minnesota or the history of my family. Often it’s about my grandkids or pets and sometimes even the weather. I share my thoughts on local events and about the wonderful scenery in the Arrowhead region of Minnesota. There is no rhyme or reason to this column–much like my life. Thanks for stopping by to visit Unorganized Territory. I hope you enjoy your stay. View all posts by rhondasilence

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